Sunday, September 27, 2015

REVIEW - Kiko Intensely Lavish lip pencil 02 Pretty Mauve

I have been wanting the Mac Soar lip pencil for quite a while now, but as it seems to ALWAYS be sold out, I was trying to find a good dupe. And I think I might have found one! As Kiko just came out with their new Rebel Romantic collection, which is absolutely stunning, I was browsing through all the new products and stumbled upon the Intensely Lavish lip pencil. After looking up a lot of swatches, I figured that the shade 02 Pretty Mauve was pretty similar to Mac Soar, so I decided to pick it up and try it out!

This lip pencil is the creamiest lip pencil I have tried yet. It is incredibly creamy, which makes it really easy to apply to the lips and it is pretty much fool proof. It is really pigmented and the shade is absolutely beautiful. I love pairing this with a nude lipstick to create a gorgeous dark nude shade. The lip liner is very matte and even though it lasts a long time it does feel quite drying on the lips after wearing it for some time. So I do suggest pairing it with a moisturizing lipstick on top, or maybe use a lip balm before applying the lip pencil.

If you are on the look out for a Mac Soar dupe, definitely check this lip pencil out! Not only is the packaging with the rose gold lid stunning, it is an amazing product and is only a fraction of the price!

The Kiko Intensely Lavish lip pencil in the shade 02 Pretty Mauve retails for $9.00/£4.90/€4.90

Saturday, September 19, 2015

REVIEW - InstaNatural 100% Pure Certified Organic Argan Oil

I have talked about how much I love argan oil and all its benefits before. I have also talked about the amazing brand InstaNatural before. So an argan oil by the brand InstaNatural seemed to me like a match made in heaven. I have been trying out the 100% Pure Certified Organic Argan Oil, which claims to be amazing for face, skin, hair and nails and make a huge difference after only one week.

First of all, I love that it really is a 100% pure argan oil, without the unnecessary added ingredients like many other argan oils have. It is a very thin liquid that is easy to apply and blend in and it absorbs quickly. Also, it comes with a pump dispenser which gives you the perfect amount of product. As there are so many ways to use argan oil, I thought I would share with you just exactly where and how I mostly use this product and if it actually makes a difference.

Ever since I got it, I have been using this oil on my face each morning, instead of using my regular moisturizer. I use one pump, rub it between the palms of my hands and then apply it to the skin. It does leave a bit of an oily residue at first, but just let is absorb for about a minute or two and you’ll be fine! I love how this looks underneath makeup. It makes your foundation look more dewy and natural. Also, I do notice that my skin is way less dry and sensitive and more hydrated in general. So if you want glowing, healthier looking skin, this is the product for you!

This is definitely my favorite way to use this oil. As I have color treated and damaged hair, my hair tends to look quite dry and frizzy. But since using this oil in it, my hair has been looking so much healthier. I don’t like to use it on dry hair, because I think it is a bit too greasy to use that way. I prefer using this as a leave-in conditioner. So after I have washed my hair, I brush my hair and then apply one pump of the argan oil mainly through the ends of my hair. The next morning, I wake up with really soft and healthy looking hair that is easy to style and looks way better.

I paint my nails all the time. You will most likely never see my nails without nail polish on them. Even though I love the look of a fresh manicure, my nails may not like it as much. My nails are quite dry and brittle and my cuticles could use some help as well. So I have been trying to include this oil into my nail care routine and have really been liking it. My cuticles and nails look better, which means that my manicure looks better! ;)

I love how this is such a multipurpose moisturizer and that it works so well! In my opinion, it is definitely worth the money!

The InstaNatural 100% Pure Certified Organic Argan Oil retails for £16.95/$17.95 and can easily be found on the Amazon UK site.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.

X Elvira

Friday, September 4, 2015

REVIEW - Kiko Face Make Up Fixer

Quite some time ago I was in Paris looking at all the amazing products Kiko has to offer. One of the first things that caught my eye was their Face Make Up Fixer, which is a setting spray for your makeup. Since I have oily skin and I had never tried a makeup setting spray before, I decided to get it and see if it actually works.

One of the first things I noticed looking at the ingredients, is that it contains a lot of alcohol. Alcohol in makeup setting sprays is not necessarily an uncommon ingredient, but it does have a few disadvantages. First of all, it smells really strong. It is a fragrance free spray, but because of this it smells so strongly of alcohol that I am not so sure that the fragrance free part is actually an advantage in this case. Also, if you have sensitive skin, spraying on a product that contains a lot of alcohol might not be the most pleasant feeling. I do not have any problem with this however. Also, you have to be careful not to open your eyes too quickly after spraying it on, because you might end up with red, watering eyes and tears rolling down your cheeks, completely ruining your makeup. (Unfortunately, I speak from experience when I say this..)

With all that said, let’s jump in to the good things about this setting spray. First of all, I love that it is such a fine mist that is easy to spray on and does not leave your makeup feeling wet for a little while, like the Mac Fix + does. It is definitely quick and easy and takes pretty much no time to dry. Also, it does not mess with the makeup you have on. Whenever I spray this on after applying a full face of makeup, I do not notice any difference. And of course, I love how it makes my makeup last just that little bit longer. I do not think it is a miraculous product and you can suddenly wear your makeup for days without fading, but I do notice a difference in terms of how fresh my makeup looks. I feel like my foundation stays on better and especially powder products like bronzer and blush stay on for a lot longer.

If you have oily skin or if you are just interested in a way to make your makeup last longer, I would definitely recommend trying this product out, you won’t regret it!

The Kiko Face Make Up Fixer retails for €7.90/£7.90

Have you ever tried a makeup setting spray? If so, which one is your favorite? Let me know!

X Elvira