Friday, January 30, 2015

Three ways to use pure argan oil

Is argan oil really worth the hype? And if it is, how do you use it? The one I've been using is the Yentl 100% Pure Argan Oil and I've been loving it! It feels amazing on the skin and gives great results. There are a lot of ways to use argan oil, but today I'm going to tell you my three favorite ways to use argan oil.

Leave-in conditioner
If your hair is a little dry and needs a little bit of a boost, this is the one for you! After washing your hair and your hair is towel dry, put a few drops of the argan oil in your hands and run it through your hair. This acts as a really moisturising hair treatment and works great if you have split ends or a dry scalp. Your hair will be softer and look shinier and healthier.

Styling oil
Another way I like to use argan oil, is after styling my hair. I do this to make my hair look shinier, less frizzy and smoother. Especially during the winter months argan oil can be a real hair savior. Again, it's really easy to use. Rub a few drops between your hands and run it through your dry hair. It will leave your hair looking shiny and not greasy, because it absorbs really quickly.

Daily moisturiser
Not only is argan oil great for the hair, it also does some great things for the skin. Not only does it make the skin smoother, it works anti-aging and is really hydrating as well. Also, it works on all skin types, so even on combination-oily skin this oil will work great.

Have you ever tried argan oil? How do you use it? Let me know!
XxX Elvira

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tangle Teezer dupe?!

Tangle Teezers... Lots of people talk and rave about them, but are they worth the hype? They cost around €10 and I find that quite a lot of money for a hair brush. So I decided to try a cheaper version of the Tangle Teezer and see if it's any good. The one I've been trying is by a brand called Hair Essentials and it's only €3,99. But does it really make any difference than just using a regular hair brush?

So this claims to be a detangling hairbrush that glides through your hair without tugging it, which is what a regular hair brush would do. Also, you can use this brush after washing your hair. When your hair is wet, it's more vulnerable so brushing your hair with a hair brush would cause breakage. Brushing your wet hair with this brush though means way less damage.

I've been trying this brush for a little while now and I definitely see some results. Firstly, brushing my hair is way less painful. I feel like it really glides through your hair and you can barely feel anything. Also, my hair is less frizzy. And what I find the best thing about this, after brushing my hair, there are no clumps of hair in my brush, which is amazing!

I hoped this helped some of you out! Let me know!
XxX Elvira

Monday, January 26, 2015

Black & White Nailpolish

If you're into nail art, you'll know that a good black and white nail polish are key to a good nail art. Use a dried up, thick and clumpy black nail polish for some details, and your beautiful work is ruined... Therefor, I'm always on the hunt for the best black and white nail polishes. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. A lot of the drugstore ones are too watery and not opaque at all. Apply two coats and you can still see your nails through the nail polish. Still being on the hunt for the perfect (and preferably affordable) black and white nail polish, I decided to put the Maybelline Color Show ones to the test. Did they pass the test? Or are they both a complete fail? Let's find out!

Maybelline Color Show 130 Winter Baby
On the picture shown above I used two coats of this polish. And as you can tell, it's definitely not opaque. Even after those two coats I'm still able to see my nails trough the polish, which is not a good look. The consistency of the polish is really watery and just too thin, which makes it quite difficult to work with. It does leave a nice shine though and is not streaky at all. Overall, I was quite disappointed and would not recommend it. Especially for nail art this would just not work because of its consistency and (lack of) opacity. In my opinion, there are way better options on the market...

Maybelline Color Show 677 Blackout
Even though the polish above might not be the star of this Color Show range, this black one is amazing! Again it's a pretty thin formula, but after one coat your nails will look black, but still a little streaky. But after applying the second coat of this, it looked really good! It looked completely black, glossy and no streaks. Overall, a really good black polish!

Do you have a favorite black or white polish? Let me know in the comments!
XxX Elvira